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summer of 2016. Adam is also a songwriter at Sony ATV/Tree penning songs for some of Nashville's most famous artists including:


  • Jason Aldean: "Church Pew or Barstool" and "Fast Lanes"

  • Parmalee: "Close Your Eyes"

  • Dustin Lynch: "The World to Me"

  • Montgomery Gentry: "Folks Like Us"

  •  Love and Theft: "Whiskey on my Breath"


Adam's heart is always in Tenino, and would like to support his hometown wherever there is a need. The Adam Craig Foundation is a Non-profit Organization created to raise money for other non-profit organizations, groups and leagues investing in the youth of Tenino thereby making it a great place to live, work, and play.


The Four Square Mile Music Festival is an annual event held the 4th weekend of July and presented by the Adam Craig Foundation. 


Over the past several years, our close-knit community has been very thankful to receive:

  • The opportunity for 6th graders, who otherwise would not be able to attend with their class, to participate in outdoor education camp at Cispus

  • 30 guitars, as well as a mixer for the Tenino Elementary School

  • Matching uniforms for the Tenino High School band, which was so appreciated by them (they had been wearing black sweatpants), 50 jackets for the track team, and two Sousaphones.

  • Neo2’s and iPads for Parkside Elementary School so that students in grades K-2 could practice math and spelling on up to date technology

  • Funds to youth soccer, youth football, high school basketball, girls fast-pitch, and the City of Tenino’s Quarry Pool.

  • Black turf at Tenino High School’s stadium

  • Teacher requests for classroom needs

2016 was amazing in how much we were able to give back to the community. Proceeds from the 2016 Four Square Mile Festival went to donate over $10,000 to the Tenino High School Stadium and Field Project (read about the project here and here), as well as purchase 50 jackets for the High School Track Department, another sousaphone for the Tenino High School Band, donated $2,250 to the Tenino Middle School Cispus Outdoor Education Camp, purchased ten 8 foot long tables for the Tenino Middle School, Tenino Girls fast pitch, donated baskets that included: festival merchandise, tickets to the festival, autographed bottles of wine, etc. to both the Parkside Elementary PTA auction and Tenino Elementary School PTA auction.

Proceeds from the 2015 Four Square Mile Festival went to the Tenino Girls U-11 fast pitch, Tenino Quarry Pool, Tenino Youth Soccer, Tenino Youth Cheer, Tenino Men's Basketball, Tenino Elementary Music Department Mixer, 20 8-foot long tables and two six-foot-long tables for Tenino Elementary, Tenino Middle School Cispus Outdoor Education Camp, Sousaphone for the Tenino High School Band.


Proceeds from the 2014 Four Square Mile Music Festival went to the Tenino School District and Tenino Quarry Pool, and Tenino Youth Sports. Tenino Elementary School used their share to purchase 30 new guitars for the music program. Other proceeds purchased new marching band uniforms for Tenino High School, funded the Cispus Outdoor School program, and supported the Art Alliance. Tenino Youth Football and Tenino Youth Soccer also received funding. Read more here.


Proceeds from the 2013 Four Square Mile Music Festival went to the Tenino School District and Tenino Quarry Pool.


Proceeds from the 2012 Four Square Mile Music Festival went to the Tenino School District and Tenino Quarry Pool.


Request a donation.

In July 2014, Adam was signed to Stoney Creek Records as a recording Artist! His debut EP, “Reckon” was released in the


 309 Park Ave E Tenino, WA 98589  


Free street parking around the city park.


Please be respectful of our community and keep our park clean. 


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